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Karen's Travels

Beyond My Every Day World

Arizona 2012

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Here is how I've spent my time to get a lot out of a week. There are many outdoor activities and hiking opportunities, but here is how you could spend a week to see a lot of the sights.

Day 1 Sedona

  • Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center (uptown Sedona)
  • Pink Jeep Broken Arrow / South Rim Tour (3 hours)
  • Lunch to go at Sedona Memories Bakery (uptown Sedona)
  • Hike Bell Rock Vortex (179 towards Oak Creek)
  • Airport Mesa Panorama View (Airport Road West Sedona)
  • Airport Road Overlook at sunset
  • Picazzo’s Organic Pizza for Dinner (West Sedona)

Day 2 Sedona (on a day where the weather wasn't the best)

  • Class at Sedona Hot Yoga (West Sedona)
  • Canyon Breeze food court for lunch in Sedona Uptown (deck overlooks red rocks)
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross (interesting architecture, simple church built into the red rocks)
  • Holy Cow Homemade Ice Cream (Uptown Sedona)
  • Sedona Shops
  • Oak Creek Brewing Company (West Sedona,more of a locals place, other location in Tlaquapaque Mall has food)

Day 3 Sedona to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

  • Route 89 Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive with a stop on Oak Creek Canyon Vista
  • Stop at Williams, an old town on Route 66, great visitor center
  • IMAX film about Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon touring
  • Route 180 San Francisco Peaks scenic view
  • Flagstaff dinner

Day 4 Flagstaff to Jerome

  • Flagstaff's Macy's European Coffeehouse
  • Flagstaff Downtown
  • I-17 South Verde Valley Scenic Drive
  • Arcosanti Urban Laboratory, Mayer
  • Montezuma's Castle, Camp Verde
  • Jerome overnight stay and dinner

Day 5 Jerome and Sedona

  • Jerome breakfast and town walk
  • Boynton Canyon Vortex hike, Sedona
  • Mooney's Irish Pub, Sedona

Day 6 Sedona

  • Red Rock Coffeehouse breakfast
  • Cathedral Rock Vortex hike-the best vortex and very challenging
  • Heart of Sedona lunch
  • Baldwin Trail Look Hike
  • Jave Love Cafe, coffee break
  • Airport Overlook at Sunset

Day 7 Wildlife Park and Sedona

  • Red Rock Cafe, Sedona
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Camp Verde
  • Montezuma's Well, Camp Verde
  • Final dinner in Sedona